Friday, September 24, 2010

More beautiful places, but this time much closer to home.

Until last weekend it had been more than ten years since I'd visited the North Shore of Lake Superior.  I realized that this was inexcusable, so I took steps to fix it, and headed up north for a little camping before it got too cold.  The fall colors hadn't quite come in, which was too bad, but I was able to visit Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse, as well as Duluth, and got some great photos!

Gooseberry Falls lit only by the moon

I am always blown away by the number of stars visible when you get outside the city

Pines backlit by the moon at Gooseberry Falls

There's nothing quite like sitting on the beach watching a storm blow in.  I love the ethereal look the rushing water gives the rocks

The Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, I JUST missed it being raised for an incoming ore frieghter

Here's a ~270 degree panorama of Duluth Harbor and the Aerial Lift Bridge.  I loved the colors on the water!  Make sure to click the photo to view the larger sizes!

I did some nighttime photography at Split Rock as well, but the stars and moon were totally obscured by clouds, and the lighthouse itself has absolutely no lights near it, so they were somewhat disappointing.  I know the photo I want is there somewhere though, I'll just need to go back on a nice clear night!
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