Monday, January 23, 2012

I love the Northwoods

Rainbow over Superior
In August (just before I broke my ankle actually) I spent a weekend up on the North Shore of Lake Superior with a friend, exploring and photographing, as well as climbing the highest point in MN.  Most of the photography ended up being of our various adventures (especially since the cloud cover spoiler our view of the stars and the Perseid meteor shower) but on our way out Sunday morning we stumbled across this stunning view from one of the back roads in Finland State Forest.  I just about locked up the brakes when I spotted this.

Sunrise on the marsh.  This is why I live in Minnesota
Although the trip wasn't as photo-heavy as some, I did get a couple more nice shots, mostly of some of the people I was with.  A longer trip is definitely needed next summer, especially since I missed the fall colors due to being on crutches.  You can definitely expect more photos like these!
A dark campsite makes a surprisingly useful "studio"
High on the rocks at Taylors Falls, MN

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